Linking Tronlink or Tronlink Pro to the Lion's Share website and joining.

Click the play arrow below to watch the video or...

...Get your sponsor's Lion's Share referral link ready, and copy it into your phone's clipboard, ready to paste shortly. Now open you Tronlink wallet app and click on the 'Me' icon, with the 5 small circles, in the bottom right ofyour screen.

So, click 'Advanced Features' then 'DApp Browser'

Click on the 'Please enter the web link' box and paste your sponsor's link from your phone's clipboard and click the small grey circle with the arrow in. Then. on the Lion's Share page, swipe up to scroll down until you see the"Yes I'm Ready" 'Join Now' button.

The picture says it all here really..

CHECK SPONSOR’S ID IS IN THE BOX, INCLUdING THE letter “t” in front of the number then click the 'Purchase' button. On the next screen, click the 'CONTINUE' button.

Click in the 'Parameter' box and type in your Tronlink wallet password, to authorise the payment, then click the 'Done' button.

A green bar and a blue bar will eventually apper, just wait until the little white lines finish going across. Then you'll see another mustard yellow bar saying awaiting account creation and a "While you wait" message will pop up, with your referral link in, in case you want to share the blessing already.

And VOILA! Your account is now set up and linked to your Tronlink or Tronlink Pro wallet. if you have enough TRX left in your wallet, it's a great idea to upgrade, but do contact your sponsor to check if they have already upgraded to, and to what Table in Lion 1 and Lion 2?

Welcome to Lion's Share, thanks for following the guide, please join us in the twice-daily Live International Zoom meetings and be part of the awesome extended family-style, supportive and encouraging community. And it is essential to join the Official Telegram groups too, in order that you receive any important updates or announcements. and

When you need to find your ID# and/or you referral link, just click the top left hambuger icon, the 3 horizonatal lines. An whenever you want to log in to your account, just repeat STEPS 2 through 6, then click the 3 line hamburger in the top right and click LOGIN. Then the TRX hexagon then the 'Authorized Login' button.

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