Sending your Tronix TRX to your Tronlink wallet.

Click the play arrow below to watch the video or...

...Go straight to your TronLink wallet app. Click on the 'Receive' button, then on the next screen, click on the 'Copy the collection account' button.

Check that the "Copied" message pops up, then go back to your Binance app, or open it and sign in, if you're not already, and click on the 'Wallets' button.

Click on 'TRX [TRON]', then in the page that appears click on the 'Withdrawal' button. 

Click 'Max' then click in the 'Address' box, and paste your Tronlink wallet receive address. Then click on the 'Withdrawal' button.

Click on 'SMS Authenticator' then input your mobile or cellphone number.

For the following STEPS, have your SMS text app and email account open ready, so you can quickly access the codes, when they are sent, as time is essential with these steps. Click the top 'Send code' button and notice the "Success" pop up message and the countdown timer starts.

Notice the code that pops-up on your phone and quickly type it in the 'Enter mobile verification code' box. Then click on the bottom 'Send code' button.

Check you email inbox (or spam folder) for the email from Binance, open it and scroll down to see the code and eithere meomorize or copy and paste it into the 'Enter email verification code' box and click on the 'Submit' button, all before the timers reach zero. PHEW!

If you managed to do do all that in time you will see "Withdrawal Request Submitted" and in a few moments should see the TRX in your Tronlink wallet. If you have any problems with any of these STEPS please get in touch with you sponsor.

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