Exchanging your Litecoin LTC for Bitcoin BTC and then BTC for Tron TRX

Click the play arrow below to watch the video or...

...Click here to go to www.binance.com if you're not already logged in. So, presumably you have Litecoin in your Spot wallet there now, as in the picture. Click the 'Back' arrow in the top left, then click on the 'Markets' button bottom left.

Click the search magnifying glass in the top right, then click in the search box and type LTC/BTC, then click on the result below.

Click the 'Sell' button, then click away the two notices that pop-up. 

Check that "Limit" is in the box, click the - minus sign a couple of times, to reduce the price you will sell the LTC for, so it ALL sells. Click the '100%' button, then click the 'Sell LTC' button and check that the "Success" message pops-up.

Click 'Markets' again, then click the search magnifying glass icon.

Click in the search box and type TRX, then swipe up to scroll down and find TRX /BTC and click on it. In the next screen click the 'Buy' button.

Do the same as in the previous 'Sell' order, but this time, click the + plus button a couple of times, to be sure we are buying for slightly higher than the current price, to ensure we can buy all the TRX we have BTC for.

Just click the 'Wallet' icon and you should see the TRX Tron is now in your spot wallet.

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