Opening a account and either earning some FREE crypto or buying some Litecoin LTC.

Click the play arrow below to watch the video or...

...Click here to go to to hopefully earn some free cryptoif you are eligible. Which will open in a new tab, when you get there, follow the steps below. If not eligible, skip to STEP 7.

Just follow the instructions on your phone to register your account, you will need to send them photos of you ID, such as Driver's Licence, Passport or ID card. If you don't have such, then contact your sponsor, who may be able to send you some TRX in exchange for sending them money.

After registration, or signing in you should get to the Learn area of the Coinbase website, if not, click on one of the links above again 

The picture says it all here. If you have a new account and have not watched any of the Learn videos, you will not have the dark grey notice saying $40 XLM left, of course.

You will now see a video about the cryptocurrency to start learning about, so just click on the 'Play' button. They are only a few minutes long. When you finished watching, there will be a multiple-choice question, the answer to which was in the video, and often in the video description text below it too. But don't worry, you can always answer again if you get it wrong.

Click on the small blue circle with the two arrows in.

Click the 'Buy' button, even though it says "Buy crypto with cash" we can use a credit or debit card.

Follow the STEPS below, we need to enter at least $24 to allow for the 99c fee that Coinbase charges, obviously, if you can afford to join Lion's Share with more than the minimum, starter 3 Tables, then buy more Litecoin at this point. I could afford $500 when I joined, which bought me most of the Tables in Lion 2. But, as we say, "get in where you fit in".

The picture says it all here really.

The following two screens will appear in order.

Click the hamburger icon (3 horizontal lines) in the top right, then click the 'portfolio' option.

Your Litecoin should be showing now, if not wait a moment and refresh the screen. If you earned the FREE crypto, you can just exchange/swap it for Litecoin, so it is ready to be sent to the Binance exchange to exchange again, for BTC, then the TRX we need.

And there you have your lovely Litecoin, ready to send to the Binance exchange, which we will join in the next Guide, unless you already have a Binance account, in which case you can skip to Guide 4.

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