Creating your Lion's Share Tron account.

Click the play arrow below to watch the video or...

...Get your sponsor's link from them Paste it into your browser's URL address bar and hit enter. Then click on the 'join now'button

Cick on the 'Tron TRX' hexagon.

The picture says it all.

Your Tronlink wallet will pop up . just click the 'Accept' button.

You will see a "Waiting on confirmation from the blockchain" bar, which will probably flash round a few times.

Eventually followed by a green and a blue bar. Just wait until the little white lines finish going down.

Then you will get the following message, including your referral link, in case you are so keen that you want to share it with people already. Then it's just a case of waiting to be redirected once your account is created.

You will probably get logged out for security reasons, so just click on the TRX hexagon again

And, HEY PRESTO! Your account is created, welcome to the Lion's Share family. If you have any difficulty with any of these STEPS please get back in touch with your sponsor, or the Lion's Share support bot on Telegram @lionssharesupport_bot Oh! And be sure to join the Official Lion's Share Telegram channel, to keep up to date and to join the International Live Zoom meetings.

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