Sending your Tronix (TRX) to your Tronlink wallet

Click the play arrow below to watch the video or...

...Click here to go to which will open in a new tab, when you get there, sign in (if you're not already) and then follow the steps below. 

When your TronLink wallet pops up, click on the 'TRX' symbol.

When the next screen pops up on your TronLink wallet, click the purple 'Receive' button. 

When the next screen in your Tronlink wallet pops up, click the 'Copy account' button and check that the little 'Copied' notification pops up.

Click on 'Withdraw' in the TRX row.

Click in the 'Recipent's TRX address' box, then, either right-click and paste or ctrl+v to paste the Tronlink wallet address that is stored in your clipboard. Then click on the Tron (TRX)  TRC 20 circle. Then the 'Submit' button.

Okay, now be prepared here, as speed is of the essence, have your email account and Google Authenticator app, if you are using that open ready. Click the 'Send code' button. Then rush to your email and refresh, open the Binance email and scroll down for the code, copy and paste it back here, then input your Google Authenticator code for Binance. PHEW!

The picture paints a thousand words. (?????)

Click the Tronlink icon and click the back arrow twice to get back to your wallet homepage, and then just waut a minute or so for the TRX to arrive.

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