Setting up a TronLink Wallet Chrome Extension.

Click the play arrow below to watch the video or...

...Click here to go to 
Which will open in a new tab, when you get there, follow the steps below.

Click on 'Add to Chrome' button.

Click white 'Add extension' button.

Click the tiny cross to close the 'Turn on sync...' pop-up.
or click the blue button, if you prefer to synchronize with other devices.

Click the tiny 'Jigsaw Puzzle Piece' icon, then click the 'Pin' icon to pin TronLink extension to the top bar.

Click the 'TronLink' icon, wait a few seconds for your wallet to pop-up, then create & enter a password and then type it again in the box below and click the 'Continue' button.

Click the 'Create' button, unless you already have a Tron wallet and want to import the 12 word mnemonic seed phrase, if so, I expect you already know what to do, click Import and put your Mnemonic in.

Type a name for your wallet in the box, you can't use characters like apostrophes. And click the 'Continue' button.

Keep the '12 Word Mnemonic Seed Phrase' somewhere very safe, as you can't get reminder for it later if you lose it.

Select the words in the correct order that you originally saw and wrote down or copied, then click the Confirm button.

Wallet should now appear, set up, ready to receive your Tronix coins, which you can send there now, if you already own at least 500 TRX.

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