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NHS Prescription Food

Big Pharma v Organic Nutrition

It recently came to my attention that food was being prescribed by the NHS for people with coeliacs and gluten intolerance. Apparently according to the Daily Telegraph “The The NHS spent nearly £27 million on gluten-free food in one year, including biscuits, doughnuts and pizzas.”, which got me thinking, apart from seeming rather unfair as far as other food related intolerance health conditions weren’t covered (such as sugar-free foods for diabetics) is prescribing food actually a good system to have or put in place?

Whilst this is of course on a very small part of the overall NHS or healthcare system overhaul or replacement that is needed I do feel there is a good case for the prescription of high nutrition foods and vitamins as opposed to pharmaceutical drugs for many conditions. For more in-depth reasoning behind such a view I would highly recommend the Food Matters and The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest documentaries.