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Simon Elder Optimization

Hi there, Si here and a very warm welcome to my blog. I hope you’ll find my posts thought-provoking and insightful. My aims here are to analyze current systems that we live by and to attempt to discover the best methods we can use to bring about improvements to these systems and optimize them into what they really need to be in order for all the inhabitants of this planet to thrive and prosper.

I look forward to any comments and suggestions, as I’m sure a great many people can unite with logic and possibly common sense to eradicate violence and wars, starvation, disease, poverty, abuse and corruption and to bring about the real changes we need to see. I hope these changes can happen pretty rapidly as we reach the tipping point or the 100th monkey principle takes effect but if not, then at least for our children and/or our children’s children, or our children’s children’s children. I’m sure you get the point.

Live long, happy, healthy, loving, fulfilled, ignited, passionate lives and prosper.